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Not A miniature, YOUR miniature

Minichua is a company that designs customizable ornamental figurines (like miniature english bulldog or miniature beagle). Founded in 2014, it aims to provide unique and realistic models internationally. Each model can be customized in many variations depending on the size, material and color. Minichua allows you to create a complex miniature without any knowledge of 3D modeling. We spare you most of the intermediate, long and sometimes tedious steps.

A fine conception

Minichua figurines are constantly improved and complemented by new models. Each of them originates from our natural environment. A series of thorough observations allows us to develop a preliminary sketch. It will be the basis of any future developments. This sketch will be constantly improved thanks to the production of full-size prototypes. Our biggest concern is to offer the most realistic models regardless of the chosen size or material. This concern for realism is found both in form and appearance. Polychrome models are indeed obtained from high-resolution photographs. During the production process, the colored pigments are directly integrated into the base material. It ensures the best possible accuracy (check miniature english bulldog or miniature beagle for instance).

A professional production

Your customized miniature can be manufactured by one of our partners, Shapeways and Sculpteo, as desired. They will handle the management of your orders, deliver them worldwide and provide the customer service. They realize your unique models on demand using the best industrial 3D printing technology and a wide variety of high quality materials. Their production sites are located in the United States, France and the Netherlands. They provide the high quality standards in force in these countries. Depending on the materials, you can receive your figurines in just 3 to 4 days. Far from the slow and cumbersome personal printing methods available today, our approach will take place seamlessly.

Find out
Discover the many figurines available on the Minichua website. Deepen your knowledge of the original model thanks to our factsheets.
Create your own miniature through our configuration tool and paint them according to your will with our patrons.
Are you happy with your model? Load it for production on the website of one of our partners. Receive it a few days later for the most common materials.

An exhaustive portfolio

Minichua aims to provide the largest possible portfolio for each theme. Thus, animal figurines (miniature english bulldog, miniature beagle, etc.) are updated continuously. We offer you a choice covering all known breeds. We have summarized in synthetic forms the main distinguishing features of each of them. You will then be able to supplement your knowledge about each species.

A unique portfolio

The diversity and beauty of the animal world is found not only in accurate modelling but also in the variety of postures for each model. Instead of being limited to the same conventional poses, Minichua offers a multitude of real-life situations for each animal. If you want figures of your companions the most realistic as possible, you can use high resolution photographs. You can reproduce the appearance of your models, miles away from existing impersonal standards.

An extensive portfolio

To produce your models, you will need to transfer them on our partner sites where you can choose the size (from 2cm to about 70cm – 0.8in to 28in) and matter. With colored sandstone, your figures will be the best small scale and photorealistic representation of your models. Close to unglazed ceramic, matte or shiny, sandstone unfortunately breaks if dropped. Its colors can fade in contact with water. Alternatively, you can opt for more rigid white materials (plastic, resin, etc.) and paint them by hand. If you are looking for different aesthetics, you can make your selection from a wide variety of unique materials (brass, steel, silver, gold, etc.). Delivery will be in this case longer, up to several weeks for precious metals.