More and more people and companies gain profit from presenting, prototyping and producing their ideas with innovative 3D technologies. It helps them to quickly visualize their concepts and make their business a success. They save time, money and resources.

Minichua Design provide services for 3D printing activities: modelling, rendering, analysis and fixing.

The team gather design, modeling and engineering skills to provide directly printable 3D models of varied and appropriate complexity. We can handle most of the projects in the way that best suits your needs: one shot or continuous workflow, simple or complex designs, designs from pictures or sketches.

Send us your detailed blueprints or simple photos, we will turn them into high quality models.

From these models or yours, we can produce realistic renderings that will help you visualize the final products.

We can also analyze and fix your models to make them ready for 3D printing.

We can provide you with the model files (STL, OBJ, WRL, etc.) or have them directly 3D printed and delivered anywhere in the world in a matter of days.